Does Donald Trump initiate the end of globalization?

The globalisation lobby is shocked! She sees her benefices endangered. Donald Trump has recognized the signs of the times and wants to end the customs free trade mania.


The US citizens chose a real reformer!
It is accomplished - the decisive reversal process is imminent. At last, the consequences of the decline that has been going on for decades are being drawn.

Tumble globalization demagogues set the tone for almost half a century. They invoked the "international division of labour" as an alternative, demonising customs duties and setting up the brutal system of wage, social, environmental and fiscal dumping.
With their free-trade mania, they elevated global players and speculators to the masters of the world. Their business model was to relocate factories abroad, to produce there cheaply, but hardly pass on the favourable prime prices to the customers. The returns and share prices of such clever global players shot up - which is no wonder.

An absurd monetary cycle is currently paralysing the global economy. The Apple corporation alone currently holds 215 billion dollars in tax havens. Everywhere large companies are buying up annoying competitors. That drives the creation of monopolies. Because large corporations often no longer know what to do with their globally earned funds, some of them have started to buy back their own shares.
All of these schemes have led to billions being withdrawn from the normal consumer cycle. The central banks are trying to keep up with this and to fuel demand and inflation with a glut of cheap money. But this cannot work in the long run. Apart from that,
inflation rates are in fact much higher than officially admitted (because, for example, price-driving real estate and equities are not included in the calculation).

Speculative financial capitalism must be pushed back again. But you can't do that with pious hopes and deceptive hopes for international agreements - you can easily and effectively do that by reviving customs duties (as Donald Trump would do).


The thinking population has had enough of endless delays and beautiful statistics!
For decades, the victims of tariff dismantling have been mocked and lied to. A widespread propaganda of lies proclaimed that globalisation alone creates prosperity.
With shameless tricks, the true extent of
mass unemployment was calculated and the paradoxical, creeping decline of labour incomes, which has persisted since 1980, was covered up (paradoxically because productivity has doubled in the same period due to new technologies and work consolidation).


Was Obama's economic policy really that successful?
In the German media, Obama's clever economic policy is praised tenaciously. However, the alleged success results from the doubling of national debt, the predatory zero-interest policy, the low-cost money flood, the purchase of government bonds, etc..... I believe that such financial conduct is criminal and irresponsible. No one can know how his Vabanque game ends.


The US must regain control of its economy!
And this can only be achieved by raising customs duties! They give the domestic economy a real chance to win against the absurd competition of extermination from outside.

World trade should by no means be abolished (as the demagogues have repeatedly claimed) - but it must be fair and in order. More than 80% of world trade is currently superfluous and, for the most part, even counterproductive!
If there were equal wages and taxes worldwide, the glorified "international division of labour" would no longer be an issue at all! Because the heated up commodity tourism is altogether
very cumbersome (a considerable additional expense).


The silly ramblings of protectionism!
An attempt is still being made to keep the people in check by panic mongering. For example, it warns vigorously against new protectionism.
In reality, however, protectionism has never been abolished. Honest tariff protectionism has been replaced only by expensive subsidy and currency protectionism. The world's agriculture alone receives 350 billion dollars in subsidies every year.

Subsidies are the cancer of the world economy, they undermine market economy principles (create a kind of planned economy). Subsidies reverse the revenue and power balance of states - instead of taking billions of dollars over customs duties (which could be used to finance social security systems) - huge sums of money are being spent to stop the further exodus of the economy.


Are there only a few losers?
The consequences of free trade are minimised by the capital lobby. "There are also losers, but overall prosperity has increased as a result of globalisation in the western world,"it is said. But is that also true?
Are the declining incomes and the hidden mass unemployment since 1980, the many precarious employment relationships (loan work, fake self-employment, one-euro jobs, etc.) really an indication of a better life and more prosperity?

I don't think so. Therefore, outrageous assertions are made that do not become more correct even through constant repetitions. National principles and interests are constantly sacrificed for the benefit of the corporations. Those who live in a high-class district and have a highly remunerated job naturally see the world differently than the quiet majority who are under pressure. This also leads to frustration with the establishment, the established parties and the "press of lies".

Our societies are poisoned by dogmatic heresies and prejudices! It is simply not true that duty-free trade creates prosperity! It is not true that tariff increases lead directly to foreclosure! And it is not true that globalisation does not end, capitalism cannot be civilized and the power of the corporations cannot be broken!


Donald Trump has it in his hand!
He can finally free his country and the world from the yoke of global exploitation and reject unbridled speculative financial capitalism.
The gradual reconstruction of functioning customs frontiers will have to be its main task. His other projects (health care reform), limiting immigration, are of secondary importance to this Herculean task. After all, once the economy starts to flourish again, everything will be self-financed and the fears about the workplace will disappear.


The impropriety of the hate preachers!

Many beneficiaries of globalization and dreamy multi-cultural enthusiasts find it hard to come to terms with a democratic choice - if it turns out differently than hoped. Instead of waiting to see what happens next, they try in advance to incite the population against the new government with mean lies and outrageous arguments. They do not want to give the new administration an air of opportunity, they rehearse the overthrow.

Because they are justifiably afraid that Trump's paradigm shift will change everything for the better and that the over-exploited "open society" and globalization will be exposed worldwide as the true wealth killers.


There can be no question of foreclosure!
Arge exaggerations belong to the repertoire of disingenuous folk idiots. The announcement to curb the import mania about tariffs is being turned into a total isolation scenario.
I mentioned at the outset that 80% of world trade today is actually superfluous, and for the most part even counterproductive. Due to the level of customs duties, the degenerated free trade can be reduced to a reasonable level in a very targeted manner.

Nor will Donald Trump have any interest in encapsulating the internal market unduly from foreign influences and products. The competitive pressure from outside the company (if it is not exaggerated) has an innovative and stimulating effect. But the domestic economy and industry simply have to get a fair chance of survival - it must not be exposed to long-term destruction through imported wage and tax dumping.

If, at the end of a cautiously approached normalisation process, import quotas worldwide should be halved, there can hardly be any question of foreclosure!


History littering: "In 1930 customs protectionism led to chaos!"
In the Great Depression at the beginning of the 1930s (triggered by the New York stock market crash of 1929), the United States attempted to stabilize the economy by raising tariffs. In return, other countries followed suit - world trade collapsed by 65% and industrial production fell by up to 40%.

But were the customs increases actually to blame for this disaster? With what obsession and blindness is still distracted from the real evil! It was not customs duties that triggered the depression, but the brutal money shortage! For this reason, Hitler's economic stimulus package was also extremely successful (customs duties + investments in infrastructure were the right concept). In 1936 there was already full employment in Germany again.

In the meantime, one has learned from the historical mistakes (actually an admission of the former inability) and one tries to overcome the crises by means of low-cost money floods (even though it is exaggerated again excessively). However, it seems that it has still not been recognised that it is precisely the excessive, ultra-liberal world trade that is causing global economic crises time and again.
Despite all economic stimulus programs and the flood of cheap money, the number of unemployed in Germany has increased tenfold in the last 50 years. We can only dream of full employment today. 


Are "rich" states obliged to absorb the high birth rates in the poor countries?
The population of Africa has increased eightfold in just 100 years, and a further quadrupling is predicted for the next 100 years. But for a long time Africa can not feed its citizens independently. A responsible family policy is not derived from this emergency. Because Africans usually insist on their culture and tradition - they see it as their legal right to bring as many children into the world as they please (even if there is no livelihood).

In our times of enlightenment, can we talk openly about the consequences of such a stubborn attitude?
According to the survey, two thirds of Africans see their future in Europe. We can accept these 800 million people who are currently willing to migrate in Europe or Germany (after Germany, most of the economic refugees want to be in Germany).

What will happen to our continent or the United States if there are already 2.5 billion Africans in two to three decades' time? Should we not apply the emergency brake until the indigenous white Christian population in our own country has shrunk to an insignificant minority? But then this minority will hardly have anything to report.

What impact does the unabated population explosion have on global warming and the environment? Why is there hardly any talk at international climate conferences about the most causative problem?
If Mr Trump also calls for more honesty in this regard, what is wrong with that? The blind trust in an "open society" must not hide the realities.


"We're better off than ever!"
Whether in the USA, France or Germany - the well-lubricated propaganda apparatus of the establishment tries to deceive the population with glorifying success stories.
To claim that the old industrial nations are doing better today than ever before is hard to beat in mendacity and audacity. Do the profiters of globalisation really not know how difficult it is for the average earner to earn a living today? Have they not noticed the persistent trend since 1980 of falling incomes and pensions, the ever-increasing fear of losing a badly paid job? Can't prominent politicians no longer think their way into a disgusting world of work with continuously growing power density?

And what's more: the current apparent blossom is based on a breathtaking flood of low-cost money - an unprecedented level of indebtedness that supports the economy. We've had our future ahead of us for years. The world is on the verge of collapse, and the glorifiers of globalisation are trying to convince us that we are doing better than ever. Simply incredible!


"But at least the developing and newly industrialising countries benefit from duty-free trade!"
No, they don't! That's a lie too. The pleasing rise in living standards in emerging countries is mainly the result of internal reforms (combating corruption, creating legal certainty, etc.) and, of course, of general technological progress.
Today 80% of the population is no longer needed to produce the necessary food! And the productivity of consumer goods has also increased tenfold in the last century thanks to mature machines and increased know-how.


"All we need is more reallocation!"
Deception and deceit are used to try to preserve the lucrative business of global wage and tax dumping. It is admitted that globalisation also generates losers - but there is a solution to the problem:"All we have to do is redistribute it".

But such hypocritical proposals turn out to be fiction, a distraction manoeuvre on closer inspection. International tax dumping (caused by the duty-free regime) prohibits companies and millionaires from asking for more money (after all, they do not want to scare them off).
Therefore, all redistribution fantasies remain attached to the normal and better earners. Their tax burden in Germany is already over 50%.
Many Hartz IV families today are financially better off than normal earners. Do we want to extend this perversion?


There is a lack of respect for truth and people!
For decades, people have been taught and re-educated by mass media that
have been largely unified. In the age of the Internet, this comfortable monopoly of opinion is gradually disappearing.
Although, according to us, there is a strong attempt to influence the population in terms of capital, an enlightening counter-movement is taking place. The number of critical people who are no longer impressed by fine speakers, balance sheet tricks and cover-ups (tenor: "We've never been better off than we are today") is constantly increasing.
The greatest enemy of globalisation and naive benevolence is enlightenment. And that is exactly what is causing the establishment so much concern at present.

PS: For 30 years I have been trying to unmask the insanity of globalisation and the EU with my treatises and writings. In this respect, no one will blame me if I follow Trump's success and the associated prospect of a long overdue turnaround with satisfaction.By the way, my various pages have already been clicked 1.6 million times in the USA (even there are obviously people who speak German). In the long term, my texts, analyses and proposals on this subject are likely to have convinced any unbiased observer, if not persuaded, then at least thoughtful. A logic and reason based on facts and empirical studies can hardly be ignored in the long run.


Supplement 2.6.2017:
Trump cancels climate agreement - unfortunately!
Although 70 % of Americans support the climate protection agreement in Paris, Donald Trump wants to withdraw from the treaties and "renegotiate"them. That's bitter!
Trump has apparently fallen into a trap: rushed and hunted by the group-controlled media and the power circles of big business, it seems to me to be a kind of desperate act of despair: in order to show how to assert oneself after all.Because he barely succeeds in raising customs duties against the omnipotence of the establishment (in order to curb the mad free-trade mania) - he hopes to create new jobs in other (unpleasant) ways.

He knows, of course, that environmental regulations prove to be a disadvantage in a customs-free world. Thus, the blockade policy of the opponent's trumps (which fear for their benefits) ultimately leads to decisions (replacement actions), which are more than regrettable. But the trump-haters are probably only concerned with continuing to dismantle their unloved president and preserve lucrative international casino capitalism.

"We want fair and free world trade!"
Every day, the media proclaim fair and free world trade in harmony with the guileless (or purchased) political celebrities. Dagger do these opinion and mood-makers understand how unworldly their well-sounding phrases are? How can we talk about fair world trade in the case of wage differentials of more than 1000 percent? A bigger contradiction is hardly conceivable!
If the free-trade fanatics were to think a little further about their own words, they would have to do everything in their power to reform world trade. In plain language, this means that they would have to demand equal wages, taxes, labour and environmental regulations all over the world. And as long as these do not exist, they would have to rely on customs duties that at least partially alleviate the huge discrepancies.


Did the Russians influence the campaign?
It seems to me quite conceivable that Russian Internet specialists have tried to influence the American election campaign. But the real question is whether Donald Trump has anything to do with it. It would also be revealing whether hostile institutions have often tried to influence important elections (also in the election of Obama).
In all this, the prevailing balance of power should not be disregarded. To my knowledge, the US and international corporations and financial markets, including their media, influence the outcome of a presidential election ten times more than all foreign intelligence services put together. Nobody gets upset about this (even the "free" press doesn't get upset), you've got used to it, it's morally and legally perfectly okay.


Is Donald Trump megalomaniac?
Did he really mean that he could compete with big business (and thus also with the media)? That would indeed be a bit presumptuous and out of touch with reality. If tens of thousands of journalists set out every day to overthrow their president (to prevent deglobalisation and fair world trade) they will probably achieve their goal. Because the time is simply not yet ripe for a general rethink.
It must get worse still, the deindustrialisation must go on, the welfare state must become invaluable - only then will the mood of the population falter and only then will the capital-controlled media necessarily change their minds.


Supplement January 8, 2018:
What has Donald Trump done now?
Now the current US administration has actually lowered corporate taxes! Of course, this is not well received in the German media. People are shocked, consider the measure to be anti-social, predict a new US avalanche of debt and see a new international tax dumping round heralded.

But stamping Trump into a scapegoat doesn't work either! Trump is by no means the inventor of tax dumping - he is merely pulling the emergency brake. Wage and tax dumping are the consequences of worldwide tariff reductions, i. e. globalisation. Anyone who complains about the abuses of casino capitalism should not work on Trump, but rather argue against schizophrenic customs phobia. That would be more honest!

There are now more billionaires in China than in the USA. Trump senses how the old superpower's skins are swimming away in almost all areas. He must react, therefore, if he does not want to accept, like his predecessors, the creeping downfall of the USA and the West without complaint! In the face of fierce global dumping competition, high corporate taxes prove to be a serious locational disadvantage.
A country can free itself from this dilemma only through appropriate protective tariffs and/or higher consumption taxes (VAT). But these interrelationships do not want to or should not allow politicians, journalists and economists to see or admit them.


Excuse me!
There is no equality of opportunity - even when it comes to forming opinions. While the capital (corporations, speculators, lobbyists, media, governments) can afford the best translators, I have to settle for a simple language program for financial reasons. I hope, however, that the text is nevertheless reasonably understandable and that no major mistakes have occurred. Thank you for your understanding.

Manfred Julius Müller, 24939 Flensburg (Flensburg has approx. 90,000 inhabitants and lies on the German-Danish border)



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